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Name:  scott jordan  
Company:  Va. Department of Corrections
City:  harrisonburg, Va USA
65admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday May 19, 2009 - 07:01pm  
Thanks for the great entertainment today at our banquet. You're a rare talent these days and I appreciated your efforts today.
Name:  Dave Belk(Gomer Pyle)  
City:  Charlotte, NC USA
Club:  TAGS
Via:  Floyd told me
64admin deleteadmin edit  Wednesday March 4, 2009 - 11:18pm  
Shazam! Gol-lee! Hey Barney. Gomer here.Happy Be-lated 2009 to you & Mrs.Browning. Ready for another Mayberry Days festival to commence. 2008 was an okay year with average attendance but with this year's bad economy & me laid off from Food Lion as of last september, I'll be doin' some more of my Gomer-isms for this year's Mayberry Days.
I'm currently lookin' into a new job with the Charlotte F.D.or the railroad co.Wish me good luck. Hope to get one soon.
Do look for me on on "Austistic Man's Talents-Voices & Impersonations" & Dave's Adventures At Carowinds. You'll get to see & hear another side of me besides Gomer Pyle. These 2 videos were done by a church friend of mine Angie St.Gelais & her 4 kids. I hope you enjoy 'em. I think you will. As for me Mr. B I must say, Good night for now. Keep in touch. Tell Helen Gomer says "Hey!"
63admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday February 12, 2009 - 03:11pm  
David Browning is by far the best comedic artist you could have. But out of uniform, he is a true gentleman and when you meet David Browning and his beautiful wife Patty, you have met a friend for life. They truly touch the hearts of many and they sure touched mine!
Name:  Sgt. Jeff Blake  
Company:  Amboy Police Department
City:  Amboy, IL 61310
62admin deleteadmin edit  Friday February 6, 2009 - 01:20pm  
Dave- I just stumbled across your site. I can not tell you have dramaticly different Depot Days has been these past several years without your presence. Although it has been a number of years since you appeared here, we still get inquires about whether or not you are here for the weekend. I have to tell you that nothing would make me, and the community more happy than to see you return for an oncore performance. It has truley been an honor to have met you.
Name:  Steve Reese, LtCol ret., USMC  
Company:  U.S. Marine Corps
City:  Alexandria, VA 
61admin deleteadmin edit  Monday November 17, 2008 - 01:03pm  
Dave - the honor of meeting you was one of the highlights of our IACP trip. As I toured your website, your helmet...anti-crash and goggles...anti-foreign object in eye just brightened my Monday. Thanks again. Semper Fidelis
Name:  Jim & Mary Shirey  
Company:  UPS NASCAR event Atlanta.
City:  Lawrenceville, GA USA
Via:  NASCAR event - UPS suite
60admin deleteadmin edit  Monday October 27, 2008 - 12:24pm  
We were very entertained by the Mayberry deputy's visit to the fans in the UPS hospitality suite at the ATlanta Motor Speedway on 10/26/08. Funny character, funny stories, brought back a lot of great memories we grew up with... I even got a picture of the deputy and "the one bullet". He also gave me a ticket - personally autographed, by Barney Fife, deputy...Great character -- Thanks for the smiles - Jim&Mary..
Name:  Greg Brookshire  
City:  Leicester, NC USA
Via:  search engine
59admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday September 30, 2008 - 04:49pm  
HI David, we enjoyed seeing you at Mayberry days 2008. I really liked the act you did with James Best. So even if it was wet for mayberry days this year you made it shine. Thanks for giving us a good laugh! Greg
Name:  Bill Perry  
City:  Black Mountain, N.Carolina 
58admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday September 7, 2008 - 08:10pm  
David,We just Got Back from the Tom Johnson Barbecue And enjoyed your being there.My Grandkids think that you are the greatest. Remember the Qaker Steak Diner with the clowns.See you next year.
Name:  Bill and Barb Stocks  
City:  Pell City, Alabama 
Via:  The eBullet
57admin deleteadmin edit  Monday August 11, 2008 - 08:27pm  
We just want to let you know how much we enjoy and appreciate being with you and your cohorts at the Squad Car Nationals. Having our Mayberry Fire Chiefs car in the fun is always a treat we treasure.Thank you David for giving such happiness to so many. God bless.
Name:  Kimberly Osburn  
City:  comstock, ny usa
56admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday July 13, 2008 - 05:28pm  
My family got to see you at summer motion in Kentucky for the 4th of July. You bridge the gap between the ones who know and remember the andy griffith show and also the younger kids who loved to see you there. I thank you for remembering me at the craft fair and letting my teenagers have a pic with you. I hope to see you next year and thanks for the smiles you are truly a wonderful person!
Name:  Brandon Lummus  
Company:  Spalding Co. Sheriff's Office
City:  Griffin, GA U.S.A.
Via:  Dukes Fest 2008
55admin deleteadmin edit  Saturday June 28, 2008 - 08:34pm  
For the 1st time meeting you was a great honor to meet such an extraordinary person with such talent to bring to the citizens to brighten their day. As a Law Enforcement Officer to another ;), I want to Thank-You for what you did for me and my family @ Dukes Fest 2008 at the James Best autographing area at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. P.S. your shoulder patch will be in the mail.
Name:  Captain Aaron A. Boone, Sr.  
Company:  The Salvation Army
City:  Batavia, Ohio USA
54admin deleteadmin edit  Tuesday June 10, 2008 - 03:01pm  
I met the "Mayberry Deputy" at Dukesfest, and I must say that he was a real crowd pleaser. Keep up the good work, and May God Bless You!
Name:  Michael "Big Mac" McCluskey  
Company:  U.S. Army & Navy, Retired
City:  Wachtkueppel, Bavaria/Hessian border Germany
53admin deleteadmin edit  Monday June 2, 2008 - 02:25pm  
David's the best friend I've never met.
IF I e-v-e-r grow up, I wanna be just like HIM.
Oh! Mechthild ("Little Mac")says, "Hey!"
Name:  Ryan  
52admin deleteadmin edit  Thursday May 15, 2008 - 07:49pm  
David, I saw you perform at Dukesfest 2004 in Bristol. It was an enjoyable act.
Name:  Theo Mashburn  
City:  Lexington, AL USA
51admin deleteadmin edit  Wednesday April 30, 2008 - 03:22pm  
Enjoyed being with you and working with you and the gang at "Eagles Wings" in Tuscaloosa, AL. The Auctioneer
Name:  Rick (Gomer) Gandy  
City:  Des Plaines, Ill usa
50admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday April 20, 2008 - 04:35pm  
Hello David, My wife and I will be in Mt.Airy for Mayberry days this year. (our first trip there) We are looking foward to seeing you, I caught you in the Tv-Land's speical "Mayberry Behind the scenes" in 2000 I think was the year. Well have a good day. And remember Water & Air are free.
Name:  Steve "Ernest T" Culberson  
Company:  WAXC-TV
City:  Alexander Ciity, Alabama USA
Club:  Esquire
49admin deleteadmin edit  Friday April 18, 2008 - 09:30am  
Surprise, surprise, hehehe, I can see it in your eyes! It has been way to
long since Ernest T and "that lady sheriff" (Mountain Wedding episode)
have gotten together. I have got to start doing more Mayberry gigs! I
hope all is well with you and yorn. You Ain't Seen The Last....
Steve "Ernest T" Culberson
Name:  Jennifer O'Barr  
Company:  n/a
City:  Greenville, SC USA
48admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday April 13, 2008 - 02:08pm  
My boyfriend and I have just recently started going to Berea First Baptist Church and we got to see you in the talent show on Saturday and you were so great. Your semon in church today really tuched me as well. If more people in the world were like you then I think it would be a much better place. So this was our first time seing or even hearing about you but I am so happy that we got the chance to hear you. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do. You are a great insipation and God has really blessed you and your family.
Name:  Deidre Chapman  
47admin deleteadmin edit  Monday March 10, 2008 - 05:10pm  
I saw you in October and The Opryland Hotel. I was with my husband who was there for a business meeting with Marathon Petroleum. You absolutely left me smiling all day long. You are such a great impersonator that I almost forgot that you were one. It was such a pleasure to get to see you and I hope that I will be able to see you perform again. Keep up the great work!
Name:  Tom Debaun  
Company:  Retired Shelby Co IN Sheriff
City:  Waldron, IN 
46admin deleteadmin edit  Sunday March 9, 2008 - 09:56pm  
David -
I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your message very much at the recent WTH Mapping Users Group Conference in Indiana. The "down home" common sense that Deputy Barney and Sheriff Andy portrayed should be required training for all that enter the law enforcement profession. Your efforts to keep that message alive are to be commended. You can add me to what I am sure is a long list of fans, admirors and friends. Keep up the good work and N.I.I.T.B.!
Tom Debaun

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